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Chef Reem Look

Chef Reem Look brings classical training and modern creativity to Meat from Jerusalem, Israel. There, he served as executive chef at the Herbert Samuel Hotel, before moving to Isrotel’s renowned Orient Jerusalem. Chef Reem’s previous experience includes positions with the acclaimed La Regence and King’s Garden restaurants, both at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, as well as Prague’s King David Hotel, where he worked under Chef Daniel Levy. ​In addition to his restaurant work, Chef Reem has partnered on tasting menu projects with esteemed chefs, like Chefs Simone Zanoni and Bernard Bach, both awardees of two Michelin stars.

Chef Reem has also been an acclaimed participant in international culinary competitions, including the Pellegrino Competitions in Greece, Turkey, and Yugoslavia, and the Cameri Festival in Eilat, Israel. He has likewise published recipes in leading culinary journals, garnering significant praise.

Trained formally at the prestigious Dan Culinary Institute in Haifa, Israel, Chef Reem’s culinary edge comes also from his laudable service to the Israeli Defence Forces. Combining a timeless tradition with the sleek brilliance of modern technique and originality, Chef Reem and Meat are proudly ushering the Kosher world into an era of culinary innovation.